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NEMO&CODED: Networked monitoring & control, diagnostic for electrical distribution


Grant Agreement Number


International Project


Past project

Start date

1 December 2009

End date

31 October 2013

NEMO&CODED: Networked monitoring & control, diagnostic for electrical distribution


Services and Software Technologies


The main goal of the project is to focus on the modelling, design, implementation and operation of networked hardware/software smart devices for the electrical distribution application domain and IT platform management domain. The smart systems will be SOA-ready, meaning they will be able to offer their functionality as one or more web services and be able to cooperate with other devices and services in order to realise distributed monitoring, diagnostics and control.The concepts to be developed in this project will be validated for environments using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach and will provide open interfaces that enable interoperability.

The goal is to realise an ecosystem of services running at device level, at network level and at enterprise level and be able to seamlessly compose more sophisticated services from generic ones.


Answare Tech - Spain
ATECNIC - Actividades Técnicas Industriais - Portugal
Critical Software S.A. - Portugal
Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation ESI - European Software Institute - Spain
INDRA Software Labs - Spain
INDRA Sistemas - Spain
Kema Energy - Spain
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - Spain
University of Deusto Tecnológico Fundación Deusto (S3Lab) - Spain
Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal

Global Budget

€ 490 099,77

Project Website

Link for project flyer

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