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We conduct research, create concepts, develop technologies and integrate them for an agile, antifragile, and sustainable industrial society. Our core competencies are Intelligent Complex Systems and Robotics using the RIGHT (Responsive, Innovative, Green, Human-centered, Trustworthy) technologies to be applied in different industry sectors, including Manufacturing, Health, Agriculture, and Education. This would be through a multidisciplinary and multi factor approach, with the support of a whole life cycle from research and innovation to application and implementation.


We, in RICS, are committed to empowering stakeholders with state-of-the-art emerging technologies and bridging the gap between academia and industries. RICS is a place to grow and improve together. We would like to set a benchmark for Reliable, Hands-on, Impact-driven, Knowledgeable, Collaborative, and Innovative partner for diverse players in the industries, creating an "achievement culture".

We strive for new domains and new areas of science and technology to develop the frontiers of Knowledge.

We believe in and protect human values such as Plurality, Transparency, Diversity, and Inclusiveness in all our activities.

We support fair opportunities, and ensure Gender Equality and Gender Responsiveness in our projects, services and opportunities.

RICS's values

We acknowledge that teamwork is a crucial factor in our success, and value every team member.

We affirm all our activities will be human-centric and will add value to society.

We have the will and the dream of making the earth a better planet for living altogether.

We back up talents to manifest their capacities and let talents flourish through experiences and sharing processes.

We are committed to sustainability and, in all our activities, will follow a green strategy to protect our planet.

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