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SFCOLAB International Wednesdays

SFCOLAB International Wednesdays, are series of sessional international events, organized by RICS-UNINOVA and Smart-Farm Colab (SFCOLAB), bringing together guest speakers, a space for new Smart Farming challenges, and global funding opportunities discussions.

​The main Objectives of these events are:

·       ​Understanding the present and future global perspective along with the challenges of Smart Farming

·       ​Discussing Farm-to-Fork challenges and promote market-potential innovations to foster the agro-tech added value

·       ​Fostering the Consortium promotion for funding opportunities

·       ​Promoting international synergies and connecting agri-tech players for collaboration opportunities 

​Prof. Jose Barata (RICS group coordinator and Scientific Director of SFCOLAB) , Dr. Sanaz Nikghadam Hojjati, and Dr. Javad Jassbi from RICS and Dr Catia Pinto from SFCOLAB are the organizing team of these events.

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