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A3: Applied agile assembly

Grant Agreement Number



International Project


Past project

Start date

1 June 2006

End date

31 May 2009

A3: Applied agile assembly



The project goals are to study, develop, and verify new approaches for achieving sustainable assembly for European SMEs. The academic partners have already proposed a new theoretical approach which is to be developed into a feasible industrial approach and validated through the course of the project.

The approach is called Evolvable Assembly Systems (E.A.S.) and is to be industrialised within a real industrial scenario with IntRoSys SA, a Portuguese SME. The second goal of the project is to ensure that new knowledge, methods, and tools are exchanged between the academic partners and industry. The partners will also strive to form synergies between this project and other national and 6th Framework Integrated Projects.


INTROSYS S.A., UNINOVA, EPFL Lausanne, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Nottingham

Global Budget

€ 384 273

Project Website

Link for project flyer

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